Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Welfare System

Here's a small example of how our welfare system works in our state - sometimes.  My two servers Sue and Mary both ordered a taco salad at the same time.  Sue came in and got her salsa and plates ready while Mary did not.  Mary took advantage of Sue's extra work and took her plate and salsa to serve her customers.  This was not fair.  I think it is our duty to help our fellow citizens but when an able bodied person does not help themselves then I ask when does it stop?  When politicians talk about helping the poor it is usually not with their own money.  Caring about people should be universal - rich - middle class and poor.

We should not discriminate who we care about as a State!  No more class warfare.  If you want to call me a big shot greedy businessman bring it on.  I know who I am and what I care about and what I have done and will continue doing and that is all that matters to me.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moore or Less this Country Needs Us

I wrote a letter to Michael Moore awhile back about doing a film on small business.  Follow us around and see what we go through.  Watch us compete in the free enterprise system and when we have a slow day see how it tears us apart.  See when we disappoint a customer how it hurts us not because of the money they won't spend at our business but rather that we let them down.  See how on a hot summer day we have to call a $65.00 an hour person to fix our air conditioner while we try to pay our other bills.  It is part of capitalism and I accept it and I never have thrown in the towel.  If you own a business you keep persevering.  The biggest frustration is the lack of respect you get from the government.  You are their answer for job creation which is a compassionate part of capitalism.  You are the government's answer for so much more.  Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, personal property taxes, city taxes, school taxes, Friend of the Court payments and garnishment.  There is a saying at my gym when we are lifting weights to man up and I will accept that in the weight room and free enterprise.  I just want our government to smarten up when they make decisions about business.  Moore or less this country needs us.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ms. Jamie

Sue and I went out to eat and were talking to our waitress (yes, I do eat at other places but Branns is my Favorite).  It was more than serving us an appetizer that impressed us; it was her dedication to getting ahead and her work ethic that impressed us.  She has four different jobs and she is working to support her young son and make the house payment.  I just admire that.  She said that she misses her son but tells him that she is doing it for him and I think he will take her work ethic traits that she is teaching him and this will lead her young son to a successful life.  She is teaching him something that few others could:  hard work and that having goals is important.  She's also teaching him that love is important and can be measured in different ways:  the time you spend with your child and also the time you spend working for your child.  TGFJ.  Thank God for Ms. Jamie.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Setting the Record Straight

I want to set the record straight on accolades.  Sue and I do not have any kids, so we have come to the window when needed on helping out our fellow citizens and it has been our honor.  Even though donating money involves hard work in earning it, and I do mean hard work, when you do donate money you get the pats on the back, and I have an ego and love them.

To set the record straight, I want you to hear the rest of the story.  Donations to Wyoming veterans park for their wall, I did.  It took me 60 seconds to write the check, but Jack Magnuson and Bob Nelson were the ones who served and got the park going.

To set the record straight, it took me 60 seconds to write the check to Metropolitan Foundation for assisted breathing center to provide dental equipment to be the first in the nation for the assisted breathing patients to get dental care; but Susan Watson, the head of the department puts her heart into the patients' care and Dr. Norman, the Ada dentist, in his first day of free dental care did ten patients and continues to donate his skills free every month.

To set the record straight, it took me 60 seconds to write the check for the helmets to the Wyoming Police Department for every cruiser, but the officers have to face dangerous situations every day.

To set the record straight, it took me 60 seconds to write the check to the Wyoming food pantry, but Gary Lemke deals with it every day, trying to help needy families in Wyoming.

I appreciate the pats on the back, but to set the record straight, I am writing this at my restaurant, having a glass of wine.  I raise my glass of wine to the people I have just mentioned, to set the record straight.